Rats and mice are very adaptable public health pests. They can nest in houses, sheds, garages, yards and even cars.
They can cause electrical fires due to their gnawing, carry disease and can contaminate food resulting in food poisoning and wastage.
There are a number of strategies from baiting, snap traps, cages and also external bait stations. As each rodent type has different habits and harbourage areas, we at Northern Tas Pest Control can locate and create a rodent-free environment.
Spiders and scorpions
These pests belong to the arachnid family and have been around in some form or another for over a million years.
Generally, spiders are just hairy, scary and create unsightly cobwebs all over your home. However, some species are poisonous and can inflict pain, cause vomiting, nausea or ulcerated skin and, in some cases, be potentially deadly.
We apply an internal spray to skirtings, cornices, window reveals and door frames as well as an external barrier spray under eaves, around windows, doors and all exterior cladding. We can also spray places such as letterboxes, clothes lines, rubbish bins and outdoor furniture. Weep holes and roof cavities are also powdered as part of the service. Spiders absorb the chemicals through their abdomen as they cross these surfaces. Our extensive service ensures all bases are covered.
Every third mouthful of food we eat is in some way produced by bees. Where possible, we believe it is important to protect these little workers. In many instances we are able to safely remove the bees and we have a number of local bee keepers on hand to house these essential insects.
Bees have painful stings and are potentially deadly to people with allergies. They do not always nest in areas that are easily accessible but in areas such as under eaves, in brickwork or in chimneys.
Our first preference is always to relocate a hive to a beekeeper. However, we may need to use a gas or powder to eradicate the nest.
European Wasps
Wasps can, and will, sting several times. It is very important to leave nests alone and call in the professionals to deal with them.
Flies and mosquitoes
There are more than 7000 fly species in Australia.
Flies and mosquitoes carry disease to humans. They are very mobile and fly between such things as excrement or household garbage and human foods, food preparation areas or utensils.
We offer a thorough spray of your house, sheds or stables which includes spraying window reveals and around light fixtures. It is not possible to prevent flies from entering your home or business but our service ensures they die more rapidly minimising the chance of spreading germs and disease. We are also able to supply and service fly units and fly traps.
Ants live in colonies ranging in number from a few dozen to many thousand. Their nests can be found almost anywhere – in wall and ceiling cavities, soil, amongst rocks, rotting logs, shrubs, and along concrete edging. As well as having various nest locations different ant species also have different food preferences.
Ants can carry bacteria such as salmonella and other diseases and can sometimes bite or sting. Ants can easily get out of hand and are a real nuisance in areas such as the kitchen or pantry.
Northern Tas Pest Control use techniques depending on the location of the nest, food preferences and type of ants. Our techniques include the use of gels, powders, sprays and even gas. Correct identification is imperative prior to developing a treatment plan.
Bed bugs
“Night, night. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite!” Many people don’t realise that this traditional bed time rhyme is actually referring to a real pest.
Bed bugs are usually associated with the accommodation industry and/or bad hygiene. They will bite and will often ‘test bite’ a number of times thus leaving a line of bites. A bed bugs’ saliva has anticoagulant properties and its bite will cause the victim’s blood to run freely. Sometimes allergic reactions and swelling will occur. Although very irritating, bed bugs do not seem to be associated with any serious disease.
We will conduct a thorough inspection and spray of the room. We also have mattress protectors and monitoring devices available. The monitoring devices are great for fast detection of infestations.
Fleas are wingless, agile insects with mouth parts adapted to feeding on blood. Ten fleas can potentially reproduce 250,000 in only 30 days so it is important to eliminate them as soon as possible.
Fleas not only bite your pets but will also bite humans. They can leave red welts which become very itchy. Some people have allergic reactions to them. Fleas will multiply rapidly.
If the infestation is inside, your carpets will need to be treated with a spray. We will run through the necessary steps for you to take before and after the treatment to ensure the infestation is eradicated (e.g. vaccuum before we arrive, treat your pet at the same time). If the infestation is outside we will apply an external spray around gardens, kennels and any place your pet uses.
Cockroaches, silverfish, millipedes, carpet beetles, slatersProblem
Cockroaches typically come out at night and crawl over benches, utensils and floor surfaces. They can carry diseases such as dysentery and salmonella. Silverfish cause damage to clothing, fabrics and books. Carpet beetles will damage woollen carpets and natural fibres.
We have sprays, powders and gels available to counter attack these pests.
Possums, feral catsSolution
We use traps to catch both possums and cats. Cats need to be checked for microchips so a trip to the veterinarian is needed. Possums are native animals and can only be removed by licenced operators. Northern Tas Pest Control is licensed by the DPIWE.
Birds are carriers of many diseases which can be transmitted to humans. They build unsightly nests and leave acidic droppings which are unhygienic and can lead to costly clean-ups. Birds in gutters are a noisy nuisance as well as causing gutter blockages.
We have a number of chemicals available as well as bird spikes, netting and other non- chemical methods of eradication. Northern Tas Pest Control can also supply and fit gutter guard.